2022 Blaine Yard Waste Program

Minnesota State Law prohibits putting yard waste into your garbage.  By utilizing Walters’ Yard Waste Collection Service, your yard waste can be used to enrich gardens, improve soil conditions, be used as a soil additive, enhance soil texture, increase the ability of soil to absorb air and water, suppress weed growth, decrease erosion and reduce the need to apply chemical fertilizers.

Regular mowing and leaving the clippings on your grass provides the roots with the needed shade and equals 1 chemical fertilizing per season.  A lawn with a good build-up of grass clippings and mulched leaves also requires less water.  Since most of us in residential areas water our lawns with city water, we could save money on our water bills as well as the cost of chemical fertilizer.

Walters offers optional Yard Waste Collection Services.   For pricing or to sign up for this service please call our office at 763-780-8464. This service must be pre-paid in full before service is started. Your yard waste will be picked up on your regularly scheduled garbage collection day starting in April and ending the last week in November, weather permitting.

Included in the annual cost, Walters will provide to you a 94-gallon cart which is similar to your garbage cart with the exception of a black lid for identification purposes to both you and our driver. In addition to our cart, you may use compostable bags or various types of reusable bags.  These items can be found at numerous hardware, grocery, and home improvement stores.

Branches must be 4 feet or less in length and tied in bundles no more than four inches in diameter and weighing no more than 35 pounds.


Yard Waste FAQ

When does yard waste collection begin and end?
The collection begins the first full week in April and runs through the last week in November, weather permitting.

What is the cost?
Please call our office for pricing for the 2021 season.  Need an extra cart?  No problem, for a small fee we can provide you with an extra cart.  Yard Waste service must be prepaid in full before service is started.

When is the yard waste picked up?
Yard waste will be picked up each week between the above dates on the same day as your trash removal. Please have your yard waste at the curb by 6:30 a.m. and space your carts at least 3 feet apart.

What yard waste is acceptable?
Leaves, grass clippings, weeds, brush, and small bundled branches are accepted. Branches must be 4 feet or less in length, no larger than 3 inches around, and tightly tied in bundles no more than 18 inches in diameter.

What type of bag or container do I use?
You must have a Walters yard waste cart to participate in the program, Walters will provide you with the use of a 96-gallon yard waste cart on wheels as part of the service.

Are plastic bags acceptable?
No, Effective January 1, 2010, Minnesota State law prohibits plastic bags from being disposed of in any yard waste compost facility. All lawn and leaf bags must be certified to be compostable. Therefore, if your yard waste is placed in a non-compliant bag, we will not be able to take them.

How do I sign up?  Simply call our office (763) 780-8464 to sign up for the service.