Our History

The Walter family has been in the industry for over two generations.  On May 1, 1956, Jack and Shirley Walter started service to 250 homes in the Village of St. Anthony.  A short time later, homes were being built in Roseville between Rice Street and Western, Snelling and Fairview.  At this time, Jack and Shirley, with 4 of their 5 children, went door to door and signed up new customers.  The company grew and so did the children.  In January, 1983, Jack and Shirley retired.  At that time, they had 33 trucks and 56 employees.  The boys stayed in the industry with another company.

George and Greg followed the footsteps in their parent’s company, Walters Disposal, with the purchase of 2 trucks on March 1, 1988.  Walters Recycling and Refuse, Inc. was born.   We have built the company into one of the top five largest independent waste companies in Minnesota and in the top 100 in the United States.  Walters has gone from a customer base of 200 to 53,000 residential and 3,500 commercial, industrial and roll-off customers.

Our current fleet of vehicles are maintained at our state-of-the-art maintenance facility located in Blaine, MN.  We operate 2 shifts to keep equipment in peak running order to meet and exceed the demands of our customers.

As a family owned business, we strongly believe in a balance between work and family.  This philosophy has contributed to Walters having a staff of ninety employees with one of the lowest turn-over rates in the industry.

We have nine well-seasoned and experienced customer service staff employees.   Our customer motto has been to have a “live” person available to answer the phones from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  We have intentionally avoided a computer activated phone system which requires a customer to wade through several levels of recordings to get at a live person and get the help they need.

Our Mission and Business Principles

Our Mission:  We stand to be a pillar of dependability in the communities we serve by providing safe, simple and reliable environmental services.

Our Vision:  To be recognized as the premier environmental service provider in the Midwest.

Our Core Values:

Integrity:  Authentic character with consistent behavior that honors company standards.

Excellence:  Focused effort toward exceptional performance and continuous improvement.

Teamwork:  Work together to achieve personal and corporate goals.  Remember the best team wins!

Flexibility:  Live with the ability to change – our wide range of customers demand it.

Customer Focus:  Never forget we are in the customer service business – “WOW” our customers always!

Have Fun:  Acquire and share knowledge. Show pride in yourself and the company.  Smile!

Beyond the Curb

Community Involvement

Several studies have shown that money spent with a locally owned business stays in the local economy and continues to strengthen the economic base of the community.  As a family-owned and operated company, we hope you will continue to allow Walters to provide you with our service.  We are interested in the future of your community and continue to provide income, jobs, contributions to the local tax base (which improves schools and parks), and charitable donations to local schools and organizations.

Keep It Local…Keep in Simple

Walters believes in supporting young people so they can reach their dreams.

Because we believe in giving back to our communities, we have sponsored many worthy causes and programs and encourage others to do so as well.

We support the following organizations:

    • A River of Hope – Hurricane Katrina Support
    • Anoka County Campership
    • Alexandra House
    • ARC of Minnesota
    • Bikes4kids
    • Blaine Police Explorer
    • Blaine Public Safety Association
    • Boy Scouts of America
    • Coffin Lowry Foundation – Support for children with developmental disabilities
    • Friendship Ventures – Support for children with developmental disabilities
    • Ham Lake Lions
    • Hope for Youth Foundation
    • Lord of Life Harvest Fest
    • Mediation Services
    • Muscular Dystrophy Association
    • Pacer Center – Support for children with developmental disabilities
    • Pinky Swear Foundation
    • Polar Plunge
    • Randy Bauer Memorial
    • Rebuild Resources
    • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
    • Roseville Fire Department
    • Roseville Parks & Recreation
    • Rotary Club of Blaine
    • Saint Anthony Village High School
    • Saint Francis Middle School
    • Salvation Army
    • Sibley High School
    • Special Olympics – Truck Convey
    • Spring Lake Park School District #16
    • Susan G. Komen Foundation
    • Toys for Joy
    • Trucks for Toys
    • Twinkling Angels Fund
    • Unity Hospital Auxiliary
    • University of Minnesota
    • U.S.O.
    • With One Breath – Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
    • World Wide Village – Haiti
    • Zuhrah Shrine Circus

Customer Testimonials

Overall we have been very satisfied with Walters, and in particular I wanted to thank your driver for his service last Tuesday. I thought Walters would be off for President’s day last Monday, and therefore that they would be a day behind their usual schedule, so I did not put our garbage container out Monday night for our usual Tuesday pickup. I was home Tuesday morning and saw your truck come by for their regular pickup. After he went by I quickly hauled our container out to the curb. When your driver came back, he stopped his truck and came and got our container and moved it through the snow to the other side of the road so that he could pick it up and dump it. He did not have to do this, and I’d like you and him to know that I really appreciate this kind of consideration from your company. In the past more of our neighbors have joined your service as a means of reducing truck traffic in our neighborhood while providing top notch service. I am glad for examples like this to relate to them.
– E Dickinson

I just wanted to write a quick word of thanks and recognition for the great service of our neighborhood BY Walters’ employee(s)!

Traditionally our trash pickup happens a bit later in the morning, so I bring it to the curb just before I leave for work. Last week while I was still in the house, I heard the truck pull up. When I looked out the window, I saw that the Walter’s guy actually had walked up to the house and rolled the cart out to the curb for me! We were impressed and grateful that we weren’t stuck with a full trash can for the week.

I assumed that the early pickup was a fluke, but this moring the truck came early again, and once again the driver picked it up from the side of the house for us! (now that I realize this is a long-term change I will start putting the trash out earlier!)

We have a lot of different vendors in the area now, but with great service like this, you are gaining our loyalty as customers.

Please forward this to the appropriate individuals that can recognize your driver’s exemplary service!

Best regards!
– M. & C. Vono

Your Can-Be-Clean just left here. The driver explained the service to me. He was very nice. And I just wanted to tell you I think this is a really nice service you are providing to your customers.
– M. Lohr.

My container was super cleaned last week and I am very impressed. It looks and smells great! What an awesome service!
– N. Chisholm

I’m so pleased to have your yard waste container. What a great service this is. I’m a senior and this helps me to keep my yard looking the best I can.
– D. Thompson.

I look forward to you servicing my home in January, 2009.  I expect to save by using your services.  I wish I had started using you 6 years ago.
– P. Anderson.

Dear Crew at Walters,

This letter is LONG overdue.  I want to thank you, especially the drivers on Lake Johanna Blvd., for your efforts.  I appreciate when you are willing to take the extra bag of trash or empty the other cans of yard waste.  I am in the process of cleaning 70 years of family treasures and trash out of this house so there is always something to put in the Tuesday pick-up.  With a huge garden, my compost pile and your yard waste dumpster see contributions each week!!

I also need to apologize to the yard waste pick-up driver.  I called Monday of this week to see if you were still coming around.  It was haul to compost, or haul to the curb.  Apparently my call was interpreted that a week had been missed.  That was not the case, it was just an information call.  You made me quite confused when I came home from the Y and found the yard waste dumpster empty.  I had a moment of panic thinking I had lost an entire day and it was Tuesday, not Monday.

Thanks again drivers and crew at the office.  Your service and efforts are greatly appreciated.
– N. Hansen

Thank you!  We have no intention of changing our refuse service.  You guys have been great – we learned long ago price is not everything.  Our whole block except one house – who now has a new owner (hint, hint).  When we put in new alleys a few years ago, we as a block chose to use one refuse service to cut down on the wear and tear on our new alley with many refuse haulers once a week.  Merry Christmas to you all. 
– M. Sundberg

I just wanted to send a note of thanks to the driver who picked up my trash despite the fact that I had forgotten to pull the bin to the end of my driveway this morning. I really appreciate the thoughtful service I’ve received over the last 9 years as your customer. Many thanks. It made my day!
– L. Johnson

I’m sending you a note because when one of the colleagues on my team did something to exceed the customer’s expectation I always appreciated the feedback.

I want to let you know that your compost driver today, about then minutes ago, noticed that my compost container was not out on the curb. He stopped, got out of the truck, and ran up to the side of the garage and brought it down to the road into the truck. What I think is particularly special of the deed is it was raining like crazy, it is Friday and he probably is looking forward to getting home for the weekend sooner than later instead of taking time out to do the customer’s job on top of his route duties.

Please pass along my sincere appreciation to this gentleman and a pat on the back for going above and beyond what’s normally expected to serve his customer.
– T. Woeltge

Just a short note to let you know. I had forgotten to put my recycling at the curb yesterday. Found your driver about 6 blocks away. Asked him if he would return to pick up my recycling. He was very friendly and replied he would be happy to swing back and made the pick up. I really appreciate that type of attitude. It reflects well on your company’s level of customer service. Please be sure to thank your driver for his friendly customer service.
– R. Holtz

In a world where we seem to only listen to people complain I felt it was worth sending you an email regarding an observation I just made. I was returning home this morning and on our way down our street I noticed the Walters composting truck. This is nothing unusual as it is Thursday morning and it is our garbage collection day. What was unusual was noticing the driver sprint up the driveway in his orange vest to grab the neighbors composting can. Definitely something that he is not required to do. We all now the dreaded feeling you get when you hear the truck rumble down the street and you realize you didn’t get the can down to the curb, especially the lovely smelling grass clippings. This observation made my day and I can only imagine how much it will make the day of my neighbor.

Please let the driver who picked on ……. know that he went over and beyond and that he is truly living up to the Walters motto…”Big enough to get the job done, small enough to care.”
– D. Grandstrand

I just wanted to say thanks to the recycling driver this morning who picks up our recycling at our home in Coon Rapids. I had forgotten to bring my containers to the curb this morning, and just as I was coming down the stairs (in my pajamas), I noticed that his truck was parked at the end of my driveway. He had gotten out of his truck, and walked up the driveway. He brought down both my recycling AND my garbage container for me! I can’t get over how be really went above and beyond to give us great service.

I am a relatively new customer to Walters, and I cn’t tell you how impressed I was by this man. My other company NEVER would have gone out of their way like this. This “going out of your way” to give good service is what will keep me a loyal Walter’s customer. Please pass this message along to him and his supervisor. He deserves a raise!!!
– H. Ressler

Disposal Disclosure

Walters is committed to providing the best environmentally responsible solutions to its customers and the community. Pursuant to Minnesota Statute II5A.9302, we hereby disclose the following information.

Disposal Facilities:

GRE Elk River Resource Recovery
10700 185th Avenue NW
Elk River, MN
Permit SW-305

Elk River Landfill
22460 Hwy 169 NW
Elk River, MN
Permit SW-74

RRT Newport Resource Recovery
2901 Maxwell Avenue
Newport, MN
Permit SW-286

Hennepin Energy Resource Company (HERC)
505 6th Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN
Permit 05300400-001

Veolia Environmental Services
309 Como Avenue
St. Paul, MN
Permit SWTS-12

SKB Blaine
10304 Naples Street N.E.
Blaine, MN 55449
Permit SW-618

SKB Malcom Recycling & Transfer Station
630 Malcom Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55104
Permit SW-525

Hennepin County Recycling Center & Transfer Station
8100 Jefferson Hwy
Brooklyn Park, MN 55445
Permit #344