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“We switched to Walters this summer and have been very pleased with the service. The quarterly billed fee is very reasonable (they charged us exactly the amount quoted), the container was delivered as promised, and weekly trash pickup has been like clockwork. We highly recommend Walters for your trash hauler!”

~Wade L.

5 Star Rating – google review

I watched today as my trash was being picked up as a bunch of paper fell out to the ground. I have watched other companies simply drive off. I watched from my cameras heading to the door to pick this up when he left. Many are waiting to comment well that’s their job to stop and get it. Understood this driver did just that got out grabbed the paper that was most likely from me overstuffing the can.The fact is he took the time I have been in transportation operations for 25 years and quality is hard to find. There are many choices and are they the cheapest I hope not. I’m not looking for the cheapest company I wanted the reliable, professional company and I thank you from the top down for providing this.

~Scott D.

5 Star Rating – google review

One of our Customer Experience Representatives received this phone call. Joy from Blaine called to let us know our driver Dustin Brown, was emptying their trash when he noticed something wasn’t right. When he got out of his truck to take a closer look, he noticed an elderly woman lying on the ground. She had fractured her skull and had bleeding on the brain. She is now recovering and doing better. Joy said her mother has dementia and was over helping her with laundry. She did not know Kathy left the house while she was doing laundry. Joy said if it wasn’t for the driver, she believes her mother would have died. She is very grateful for the driver and said he really went Beyond The Curb.

We are all thankful for Dustin acting on his instincts!

Many Thanks ~Joy

“Service has been great”

~James A.

5 Star Rating – google review

“Excellent service, prices competitive”

~Ernie B.

5 Star Rating – google review

“Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value”

~Curtis A.

5 Star Rating – google review

“We’ve had them for a very long time and they are great!!! We’ve lived here since 1982 and only had them.”

Mary. S

Positive Facebook Recommendation

“Excellent business, customer for 40 yrs give or take, never a problem”

~Bruce Z.

Facebook comment

“I have had them for years, and there the greatest. Very courteous & helpful.”

~Joan A.

Facebook comment

“I was walking my dogs and one of the drivers stopped in the middle of the road to give my dogs treats. So incredibly nice! We already have your service but if I didn’t I would’ve have considered switching after that! Thank you for your kindness! 😎
B. Selander-Mitshulis

“I have spoken to (either phone or email) a few different employees and they all represent Walter’s incredibly well! Customer service is fantastic! Thank you all for what you do!”

L. Morlan

“I wanted to let you know that you have the best employee working for you. He provides the most amazing customer service. A couple of weeks ago, I took a bag of trash out in the morning, just as he was emptied my can. It was raining and he jumped out of his truck, grabbed my can, brought it to me, and took my late bag of trash. He did all of this with a genuine smile and even told me to have a good day! Fast forward to this morning, my trash can had a broken wheel. I left it there to be emptied this morning and was planning on calling to get a replacement can today. When I left for work, my can was emptied and taken away. A brand new, not broken can was left in its place. I was shocked and excited. I guarantee you can’t get that kind of service anywhere else. His is one of a kind and deserves a raise. He is a wonderful ambassador for Walters and definitely ensures my continued business.”


“Shout out to Jeremy! He does a great job with our trash removal. He is always on time and goes above and beyond. Thank You Walter’s and Jeremy for exceptional customer service.”

~ Broadway Flats

5 Star Rating – google review

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